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Guides for Singapore Users

Profiles, Payroll, IR8A, Leave Matters, and Useful Tips

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Calculating An Incomplete Month's Salary (Singapore)
How To Reset CPF File
How to Edit Proration Calculation in Payroll? (Singapore)
How To Process Prior Year Bonus/AWS in Payroll?
What Are The Checkboxes Showing in Payroll During Processing? (Singapore)
Per Diem Allowance (Singapore)
What is Payment Reconciliation? (Singapore)
How to Exclude SHG Contribution in Payroll?
How To Export Bank Files Separately For Different Payment Groups? (Singapore)
Choosing Bank File GIRO or FAST
How To Process Multi-Currency Payroll in Talenox (Singapore)
What are CPF Ordinary Wages & Additional Wages?
Classification of Commission Pay Item in Payroll (Singapore)
How to Download CPF File
How to submit CPF contributions online (CFP File Upload)
How To Use Talenox's CPF Direct Link-up with CPFB? (Beta)
Prorate CPF for PR Year 1 (PR1)
CPF Contribution Settings for Interns
How to Determine the Year of Singapore PR Status For SPR Employees?
How to Export Payroll Reports? (Singapore)
How To Export Payroll Report Separately For Different Payment Groups?
How to Edit Statutory Amount in Payroll? (Singapore)
Customising Each Employee's Payslip Pay Date
Which Pay Items Are Not Included in Gross Salary?
How To Create Custom Pay Items for Payroll Processing? (Singapore)
Processing Annual Wage Supplement (AWS)
What Is Additional Wage (AW) Ceiling and How to Calculate It?
Additional Wage "refreshes" when joining a new company.
Managing Tax Clearance for Resigned Foreign Employees (IR21) in Payroll
Itemised Payslip (Singapore)
Itemised Payslip Format for Singapore