Guides for Malaysia Users
Profiles, Payroll, EPF, SOCSO, and LHDN
Payroll Features
How To Download Bank File (Malaysia)
How to set up & process HRD Levy/PSMB in Talenox?
Process payment / payroll for twice a month (Malaysia)
What Are The Checkboxes Showing in Payroll During Processing? (Malaysia)
How to Download PCB/MTD File Format
How to Edit Proration Calculation in Payroll? (Malaysia)
Steps To View, Publish and Download Payslips (Malaysia)
Definitions of E Number, C Number, EPF Number, SOCSO Number and Zakat Number (Malaysia)
Process Payment For a Whole Month (Malaysia)
How To Create Custom Pay Items for Payroll Processing? (Malaysia)
How To Export Bank Files Separately For Different Payment Groups? (Malaysia)
How to Reset Bank File (Malaysia)
How to Edit An Existing Payment (Malaysia)
How to Process Backdated Salary? (Malaysia)
Overtime Rates (Malaysia)
How to Edit Statutory Amount in Payroll? (Malaysia)
Salary Increment and Promotion (Malaysia)
How To Calculate Rate of Pay for 'Regular Days' for Monthly-rated Employees? (Malaysia)
How to Pay EPF?
How to Pay EIS?
How to Pay SOCSO?
How to Pay SOCSO + EIS?
Steps to Contribute SOCSO
How to Differentiate Between the 2 SOCSO Categories?
How To Ensure Accuracy of PCB/MTD Calculation?
Which Pay Items Are Included in PCB/MTD Calculation?
How to Submit & Pay Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD/PCB)?
Registering & Paying out Monthly PCB/MTD Online with Public Bank Berhad
How To Add CP38 Deductions?
How to Export Payroll Reports? (Malaysia)
Itemised Payslip (Malaysia)
Statutory Knowledge
How To Change Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Contribution Rate Setting?
Mapping of Pay Items in Talenox to Form E
Mapping of Pay Items in Talenox to Form EA
Paternity Leave (Malaysia)
Deadlines for EPF, SOCSO, PCB and HRD levy submission in Malaysia
What is Zakat? (Malaysia)
Contributions to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF)
EPF Contribution Rate
What is SOCSO?
Contributions to SOCSO
Steps to Claim a Refund from SOCSO
Human Resources Development Levy (HRD Levy)
How to Pay HRD Levy/PSMB?
How To Claim HRD Levy?
What is EIS?
Contributions to Employment Insurance System (EIS)
What Categories of Loss of Employment That Are Eligible for EIS Benefits?
What Categories of Loss of Employment That Are Not Eligible for EIS Benefits?
Steps to register with PERKESO for Employment Insurance System (EIS)
What is PCB/MTD?
Monthly Tax Deduction (or Potongan Cukai Bulanan) Late Payment fine Submission
Filing Employee Earnings
Amended Individual Income Tax Rates (Revised Budget 2023 - Malaysia)
Guide to Filing Taxes in Malaysia (Tax Deduction for Children)
How to Set Employee Name Order in Tax Forms? (Malaysia)
Guide to Filing Taxes in Malaysia (Register Income Tax)
Guide to Filing Taxes in Malaysia (Tax Exemption)
Guide to Filing Taxes in Malaysia (e-Filing)
Guide to Tax Clearance in Malaysia
Guide to Tax Deductions (Claimable for Employee's Children)
Types Of Tax Forms That Companies Need To Prepare (Malaysia)
Print Form EA from Talenox (Malaysia)
Print Form E from Talenox (Malaysia)
Steps to Submit Form E to LHDN (Employer)
How to Reset Employee Tax Forms? (Malaysia)
How to Publish Generated Tax Forms to Employees (Malaysia)
How Do Employees View Their Tax Forms? (Malaysia)
Mass Editing of Tax Forms (Form EA, Form E)
Uses of the TP3 Form and How To Generate it in Talenox
Submitting Borang CP22 from Talenox (Malaysia)
Submitting Borang CP22A from Talenox (Malaysia)
Submitting Borang CP21 from Talenox (Malaysia)