Getting Started
Set up basic information, functions, features and managing users
First Time Users - Leave
How to Allow your Employees to Apply for Sick Leave Before Probation Period is Over?
Cannot find the “Apply for Leave” button in Leave Module
How to View Leave Breakdown
Easy setup of Annual Leave Policies (Singapore)
Easy setup of Annual Leave policies (Hong Kong)
Easy setup of Annual Leave policies (Malaysia)
Set Up Different Types of Leave
How to Choose the Correct Leave Entitlement and Period of Entitlement Settings?
Set up Leave Grades (Singapore)
Setting Up Leave Approval Structures and Assigning Users to Approve Leave
Steps to Determine Leave Applications Approval Order
How to Individually Adjust Leave Balances for Employees?
How to Set-up and Manage Off-In-Lieu (OIL)?
Applying for leave with document attached?
Steps to Edit a Leave Application
Leave Application Notifications & Google Calendar Sync