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Introducing the New Account & Preferences Page (Overview)
Introducing the New Account & Preferences Page (Overview)

Quick guide on the features in the new Settings page.

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The new Settings page (or Account & Preferences) is finally here! πŸ™Œ

The new Settings page greatly improves the user experience by offering organized and context-rich options for both organizational and personal account settings.

Multiple access points and user-specific views are designed for ease of use, and a handy filter feature enhances searchability.

Access to the new Settings page

The new Settings page offers several features designed to enhance user experience and administrative efficiency. You can administer organization profiles, payroll, and leave settings through the "ORGANISATION" section.

For personal account management, your employees can modify details such as username, password, and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Access to the new Settings page can be gained in several ways:

  • Click on the cog icon located in various respective modules





  • Via the blue alert message on the Company Details page


  • By selecting the "Account & Preference" option in the top-right menu drop-down

Feature Details

Organisation Tab


  1. Payroll > Public Holiday Pay

  2. Payroll > Tax Module View


Personal Tab

To exit the Settings (Account & Preferences) page, you can click on the "X" (top-right corner).

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