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Display and Sort Employee’s Nickname in Employee Listing
Display and Sort Employee’s Nickname in Employee Listing

Sorting your employee's name display in Employee's Listing

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If you want to display and sort your employee’s nickname when viewing your Employee Listing, you can head over to Username > Account & Preferences.

On the left side to tweak the settings under Organisation > Name Display > In-App Name Display:

There are a few formats in the drop-down list that you can choose from to display Nicknames:

  • Nickname, First Name, Last Name

  • Nickname, Last Name, First Name

  • Last Name, First name, Nickname

  • First Name, Last Name, Nickname

How Will Nicknames be Displayed in Employee Listing?

You should be able to see the employee's nickname under the Employee Name column as long as you have done the following:

  • Keyed in the Nickname in the respective employee's profile.

  • Selected the correct name display option in Company Details.

With this feature, you’ll be able to customise how you’d like to view your employee’s name in the system at your convenience. 😀

NOTE: These name formats displayed in the system do not affect Employee Name Order formatting generated in Tax Forms for employees.

You can learn more about how to set the name order for employees in the system for tax form generation through these guides below:

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