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Steps to Edit Working Day Settings for Leave
Steps to Edit Working Day Settings for Leave

Enable or Disable Edit function in Apply for Leave

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If your company practices flexible working day settings, for example different non-working days for each week, employees or Admins (who apply leaves on behalf of employees) are able to utilise the Edit feature in the leave application page.ย 

Here are the steps to enable this special function:

1. Head to Account & Preferences > Organisation > Leave > Leave Application. Thereafter, toggle on the "Allow employees to edit working days" option.

2. At Apply for Leave page, click on the Edit function under Working Days. For example, if an employee works on a public holiday (by default in Talenox, public holiday is a non-working day), you can select "Working Full Day" option. This will allow your employee to apply leave on that specific day.ย 

3. Thereafter, your employee can submit the leave application for approval. ๐Ÿ˜

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