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How To Map Your Payroll Entries in Talenox
How To Map Your Payroll Entries in Talenox

Part 3: Set up the Xero integrations page in Talenox. Mapping of pay items to Xero.

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Are you utilising Xero alongside Talenox for your accounting needs?

If so, you will be able to connect both platforms, and push your payroll entries directly from Talenox over to Xero every single month.

This 4-part walkthrough will guide you through the following:

You are currently at Part 3 of this 4-part guide - showing you how to set up and map each section of the integration page in Talenox.

Main Settings

To start things off, you'll have to accurately fill in these settings at the top of the page:

  • Export setting type: You can choose to push the payroll entries to either “Bill” or “Manual Journal”

  • Split bills by: You can choose to split your bills appearing in Xero according to "Pay Item", "Employee" or "Cost Centre"

  • Group line items by: You can choose to push the payroll entries as “Cost centre” (Lump Sum) or “Employee” (Individual Amounts)

  • Customise export date: You can choose to push the payroll entries on a specific date in the column titled "Export Schedule" below

  • Enable tracking category: You can enable tracking categories (Learn how to set it up here).

NOTE: Pushing your payroll entries to Xero according to Cost Centre will ensure that individual employee salaries will not be seen in Xero 😃

Export Grouping, Expense (Accounts) & Contacts

1) Firstly, you'll need to match the correct Export Grouping in Talenox to your Xero Chart of Accounts (SG, MY, HK) before proceeding to export your payments to Xero.

Depending on what method you'd prefer to use (e.g. Simplified, Common, Further Breakdown), you can choose the Export Groupings that you'd like to have 'Enabled?' in the system.

2) To enable a payroll entry to be pushed over to Xero, you’ll have to check the corresponding “Enabled?” column. Else, the payroll entry won’t be pushed over.

3) Next, for each Export Grouping line enabled, you'll can select and map the corresponding columns accordingly:

  • 'Expense - Accounts': previously set up in your Xero Chart of Accounts

  • 'Contacts': previously set up in your Xero Contacts (Refer here for a more in-depth view on how to set up your Contacts in Xero) (only for users who choose to split bills by "Pay Item")

4) When you push your pay items over to Xero, there will be an export date that will appear next to each Xero entry.

If you’d like to customise how these pay item export dates appears in Xero, simply schedule the time period that you would like it to be reflected in Xero under the 'Export schedule' column.

NOTE: To open up the “Export schedule” field for you to select, you'll need to check “Customise export date” option under the Main Settings at the top of the page 👍🏻

Now that you’ve finally connected Talenox to Xero and mapped your payroll entries over, we can finally proceed to the last guide in the series: Part 4 - Pushing Payroll Entries from Talenox to Xero for Approval. 😁

Additionally, we now allow for the export of Multi-Currency Payroll to Xero. Take a look and you'll be able to enable this accordingly!

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