After connecting your Talenox account to your Xero account, you can now push enabled payroll figures from Talenox into your Bills or Manual Journals for accounting and reconciliation purposes.

If you’re currently trying to track the costs of payroll across various departments or branches, our Tracking Categories feature over in the Xero Integration page will be able to help with this. 😄

Enabling Tracking Categories

You'll have to go through a few simple steps to enable tracking category for mapping over to Xero:

1) Head over to the Xero Integration Mapping page in Talenox (under More > Integrations > Xero)

2) Click on “Edit

3) Select how you'd like to "Group line items by:"

4) Check the “Enable tracking categories” checkbox to have this feature enabled

5) Click on “Save

NOTE: After enabling the Tracking Categories option, your items will be pushed over to Xero and tracked according to how you have chosen to group your line item by:

  • Employee

  • Cost Centre

  • Branch

What will Tracking Categories Look Like in Xero?

The system will generate up to 2 new columns of Tracking Categories over in your “Bills” section in Xero.

Based on how you have selected your line items to be grouped by, there will be different tracking categories that will appear in Xero from Talenox:

Option 1: If you group your line items by the "Employee" option, “Branches” and “Cost Centres” will appear as your Tracking Categories automatically.

Option 2: If you group your line items by Branches, “Branches” will appear as your sole Tracking Category.

Option 3: If you group your line items by Cost Centres, “Cost Centres” will appear as your sole Tracking Category.

Things to take note of:

  • If you have employees that are assigned to multiple cost centres per employee, only the default cost centre will be shown.

  • Even after you have enabled Tracking Categories, you can still edit them in your Bills if needed. After approving your Bills in Xero, you can also use a filter to generate the report needed.

Now, you can set up your Tracking Categories like a breeze!

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