If you haven’t heard, Talenox has integrated with Xero! And here is your one-stop guide to setting up your integration to Xero. 

All you need to do is head over to the navigation panel in the system, click on More > Integrations > Xero. Connect to Xero and ensure that you link the individual Pay Items to the exact accounts in your Xero's Chart of Accounts.

You can also view the article on our blog - The Vox of Talenox


Once integration is done, you can start exporting payroll information to Xero. After you process monthly payroll on Talenox, simply click on Export > Xero to push the payroll information over to Xero. View the following guide for more information:

View the article here on The Vox of Talenox

In future, when you make any changes to your Chart of Accounts in Xero, they will auto-update in Talenox.

Like the integration?  Leave a review for us at: https://community.xero.com/business/discussion/10492329/  :)


Having trouble matching the correct export grouping to your Xero Chart of Account? 

Refer to the guides for each country below:



Having trouble pushing payments to your Xero account?

Recently, we upgraded Xero integration settings to OAuth 2.0 as Xero is migrating everyone towards it.

The requirement of Contacts field is now a mandatory setting and it needs to be populated before you can export payment to Xero.

Creating new Contacts needs to be done in your Xero account. You will only need to map it in Talenox only once under the Xero Integrations page.

To guide you on creating contacts in your Xero account, here's an article from Xero Support page: https://central.xero.com/s/article/Add-a-new-contact#Addanewcontact.

Here's a short video clip to help you along:

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