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Connect Xero to Talenox
Connect Xero to Talenox

Part 2: How to connect Xero to the Talenox platform

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Are you utilising Xero alongside Talenox for your accounting needs?

If so, you will be able to connect both platforms, and push your payroll entries directly from Talenox over to Xero every single month.

This 4-part walkthrough will guide you on the following:

You are currently at Part 2 of this 4-part guide - showing you how to connect to Xero from your Talenox account directly πŸ˜„

You'll have to go through a few steps in order to connect your Xero account to Talenox:

1) In the Talenox main navigation panel, head to the right-hand corner dropdown list and click on the "Integrations" option:

2) You'll be brought to the Talenox Integrations page, where you can then click on the Xero logo as shown here:

3) A prompt will appear in the next page for you to 'Connect to Xero'. Click on that to proceed to the next page.

4) Next, you'll need to 'Allow access' and key in your Xero log-in details. It will take a few minutes to connect πŸ˜„

5) After the connection has been completed, you'll be brought to the Integration page in Talenox where you can start to map your payroll entries for pushing over to Xero

6) Now that you’ve successfully connected Talenox to Xero, you can start to map the payroll items on Talenox to what you have already set up on Xero previously (e.g. Chart of Account & Contacts).

Head over to the next guide Part 3 - Mapping of Payroll Entries in Talenox to get mapping! 😁

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