After you have gone through the steps to connect Xero to Talenox, you may be figuring out on how to match the correct Export Grouping in Talenox to your Xero Chart of Accounts before proceeding to export your payments to Xero. 

There are a few ways that you can map to Xero Bills section (which is expense). Here are the different ways:

Simplified method:

  • Gross Salary

  • MPF Contribution (Employer)

Common method:

  • Net Salary

  • MPF Contribution (Employee)

  • MPF Contribution (Employer)

Further breakdown method:

  • Net Salary after Pay Items deduction

  • Director Net Salary after Pay Items Deduction

  • MPF Contribution (Employee)

  • MPF Contribution (Employer)

  • Allowances(Pay Item)

  • Reimbursements(Pay Item)

  • Employee Bonus

  • Commission(Pay Item)

  • Director's Fees(Pay Item)

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