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How To Map Your Contacts For Xero Integration
How To Map Your Contacts For Xero Integration

Creating new Contacts in Xero. Mapping Contacts created in Talenox integration page.

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Weโ€™ve recently upgraded our integration to Xero through Xero OAuth 2.0. Itโ€™s more stable and will allow for better security in the future.

We have adopted OAuth 2.0 as Xero is trying to push all their users to this version to ensure a better overall experience using their software - this involves the options of setting up Contacts during the push to Xero from Talenox. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

What is the purpose of settings up Contacts for the Integration?

Essentially, the purpose of creating Contacts is to help users to consolidate their pay items pushed over from Talenox to only 1 contact that has been labelled according to the Export Grouping (e.g. Net Salary) in Expense/Bills in Xero.

Contacts are mapped over so that you can have more control over the naming of Contact in the 'Bills' section of Xero:

You'll only need to update the contact under 'All Contacts' in Xero. Contacts are usually labelled to match the Export Grouping names e.g. Net Salary, for greater clarity for each line item in Expense/Bills in Xero.

Contacts are set up only once in Xero and you'll be able to keep using it for subsequent pay runs as well ๐Ÿ˜Š

Mapping of Contacts

Follow these steps to create Contacts within Xero and map these Contacts over in the Talenox integration page:

Creating Contacts in Xero

1) In your Xero account, head to Contacts > All contacts as shown here:

2) Add in new Contacts by clicking on the 'Add contact' option

3) Key in the Name of the contact that you would like to map your Export Groupings to and 'Save' this in Xero

NOTE: We do recommend that when creating the Contact for your Xero mapping, try to ensure that the name of the Contact matches your Export Grouping so that it will be easier for you when setting up the integration to Xero.

To guide you on creating contacts in your Xero account, here's an article from Xero Support page as well:

Mapping Contacts created in Xero back in Talenox

1) Head to More > Xero > Edit to edit your Talenox-Xero integration page Contacts column

2) Under the Contacts column, locate the entry that requires updating and then click on it.

In the drop down that will appear, search for the Contacts that you have created in Xero to be mapped over according to the relevant Export Grouping.

Happy Mapping! =)

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