After successfully processing payroll in Talenox, the next steps would be to downloading the Bank File for salary disbursement to your employees.

The downloading of the Bank File will require a few steps as seen below:

Step 1 - Head to the Bank File (Advanced Settings) page

Head to Payroll > Payroll settings > Month Total > Export Bank Payments / CPF / Reports to head into the page where you can download the Bank File from Talenox.


Step 2 - Choose the payment batches you'd like to include in the Bank File

You can choose to check/un-check the payroll batches that you want to include in specific Bank File payments for your employees.

This page will allow you to process and download multiple separate bank files for the specific payroll batches.


Step 3 - Check through the amounts to ensure that the Bank & Cheque amounts are reflecting correctly for the payment batches that you want to include in the Bank File

You will be able to view the Reconciliation Amounts (B) and "include reconciliation" amounts in the bank file generated in the system. Find out more about Reconciliation here.


Step 4 - Proceed to download the Bank File

On the same page, head to the 'Options' column to download the Bank File according to either GIRO or FAST format.

You can also verify the amounts included in the Bank File by heading to Options > View to view a full breakdown of the amounts for each specific employee.


For Singapore Admins:

After downloading the Bank File, here are specific guides to show you how to upload your Bank Files to your corporate banking portals:

Now you can easily download Bank Files for salary disbursement! Hooray 😁

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