We'll run through how to submit your DBS bank file for GIRO payout via the IDEAL online business banking portal.

What is a bank file?

A bank file is a file that contains the encoded salary payment details for each employee with a bank account. Here's an example of the file name when created - bank_file14092963432.txt.


At Payroll Settings > Month Total > Export Bank Payments/CPF/Reports, you can choose Make Payment to download the Bank File (GIRO/FAST format):

After exporting the file from Talenox (choose Bank File GIRO), log in to your DBS IDEAL portal


To ensure that the bank file format is the correct one before exporting, do choose "UFF (latest format)" option under Profiles > Company Details > Bank Details:


Follow this short Slideshare to complete the submission:

Note: For Hong Kong users, the steps are the same.


If you would like to use "Bank File (FAST)" instead, do note that it's not salary coded and every employee's net salary will be shown in the bank statement.  We will not recommend using "Bank File (FAST)" unless it is an emergency payroll issue.

To execute this FAST file, under Payment type and file format, you can choose ALL > Universal File Format after uploading the file.

Note: If uploading of bank file is not available, please contact DBS BusinessCare at 1800 222 2200 or email them at businesscaresg@dbs.com.


Before exporting the bank file after processing your payroll, do remember to enter the DBS Organisation ID under Profiles > Company Details > Bank Details. The DBS Organisation ID is a required field to upload the DBS Bank File from Talenox.

How to obtain my DBS Organisation ID?

If you are a DBS IDEAL new user, the DBS Organisation ID is issued to you in the Welcome Letter.

However, if you have been logging in to your DBS IDEAL portal, you should already have your DBS Organisation ID. It's the same ID that you need to enter in the Bank Details. 😀

For example:

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