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UOB Online Salary Transfer. Bank file upload.

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UOB BIBPlus has been replaced by UOB Infinity in December 2020. To login to UOB Infinity portal, please use your current UOB BIBplus credentials as per normal.

Downloading Bank File from Talenox

We'll run through how to submit your UOB bank file for GIRO / FAST payout via the UOB Infinity online business banking portal.

What is a bank file?

A bank file is a .txt file that contains the encoded salary payment details for each employee with a bank account. Here's an example of the file name when created - bank_file14092963432.txt.

Downloading bank file from Talenox

1) To ensure that the bank file format is the correct one before exporting, do choose "FAST_GIRO (latest format)" option under Profiles > Company Details > Bank Details:

2) At Payroll Settings > Month Total > Export Bank Payments/CPF/Reports, you can choose Make Payment to download the Bank File (GIRO/FAST format):

After exporting the file from Talenox (choose Bank File GIRO), log in to your UOB Infinity portal.ย 

Making the bank file submission in UOB Infinity portal

Please follow these steps in order to upload the bank file generated for salary disbursement to your employees:

1) After logging in to the portal, head to Pay & Transfer > Upload Bulk Files

2) Click on the "Upload New Bulk Files" button to upload new bank files

3) Select the file type to upload. In this case, you should choose the "FAST/GIRO Payroll (Employee)" option

In this case, you should choose the "FAST/GIRO Payroll (Employee)" option

4) Scroll down to upload the bank file generated from Talenox into Upload Files section and click "Submit" to upload the file

5) For the payroll approving process, please click on the 3 dots under the Action column to either "View transaction details" or "Notify Approver".


If you are an approver for payroll, select the "Approve" button available.

โ€‹Note: Under File Type in File Upload, please choose FAST/GIRO Payroll (Employee) as the file type. If you do not have it in your list, please contact UOB support immediately to populate for you.

โ€‹For UOB Malaysia: Under File Type in File Upload, please choose IBG Payroll without Payment Advice (Employee) as the file type. ย :)

There are also few other methods on how to approve bulk transactions which you can refer to this guide shared by UOB below here. This also includes a full step-by-step guide on Uploading bank files. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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