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How to Add a New Expense Policy?(Admin)
How to Add a New Expense Policy?(Admin)

Set up Expense Policies. Claims Submission Policy. What to take note when creating claims policy

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Welcome to the Claims module, the latest feature in Talenox designed to make managing expenses easier for everyone.

HR / Admins will love the ability to track and manage expense claims for both individuals and teams, ensuring that everything is in order and processed on time.

This 6-part walkthrough will guide you on the following:

You are currently at Part 4 of this 6-part guide - showing you how to add a new Expense policy as an Admin. πŸ˜„

Please note that this is a beta version of the Claims module, so you might
encounter some bugs and errors.

If you do, feel free to reach out to us at

This essential guide will help you to set up and add a new expense policy in Talenox. It covers the important details that you need to know for a smooth configuration of your company's expense claims policy.

There are 4 parts to the Expense Policy.

As a new admin, to set up the claims policies in Talenox, you can click Claims> Expense Policies and click Add Policies to create a expense policy.

Policy Details

When you create a new policy, these fields are compulsory in your Policy details

  1. Policy Title - The title of the expense policy

  2. Currency - The currency that employees are submitting the expense in this policy. Currently we support currencies where we localized in , e.g. SGD, HKD, MYR and IDR as well as common currencies like USD, Euro and AUD.

  3. Payment Type - The default payment type will be Payroll and it will be integrated into the monthly payroll. You can select the checkbox Enforce payment type to restrict the payment type employees can choose

  4. Policy Summary - A summary of the expense policy. Employees are able to see when they create an expense

  5. Policy Details - A description of what the policy is about

Claims Conditions

There are 3 claims conditions:

  • Claims submission window

  • Claim amount limit per expense

  • Claim amount limit per period

πŸ’‘ You can choose to turn on or off the claims conditions for an employee when they submit an expense claim. Do note that this applies to all the expenses in this claims policy.

  1. Claims Submission Window

You can set how long employees can submit their expense after the transaction. Let's illustrate this with an example.

According to the screenshot below, the transaction date cannot be more than 2 days before submission. When an employee's transaction date for an expense is 30th May, the employee has to submit by 1st June.

You can choose to block their submission if the receipt transaction date exceeds the limit.

2. Claim amount limit per expense

You can set the maximum amount an employee can claim in a single expense. If the claim amount exceeds the limit set,

3. Claim amount limit per overall period

You can limit the total amount employees can claim for this policy in a given time period such as per day, week, or month.

These are the time periods that we currently support.

Receipt Conditions

There are 2 options: You can either select Receipt is mandatory or set a claim amount that a receipt is mandatory to submit an expense.

Validity Period

There are 2 options: You can either select Policy Never Expires or Policy Expires and set a expire date.

Do remember to click save when you are done!

Statuses of the policies

You can select the policies that employees can apply claims for by turning on or off the status button.

Duplicate policies

If you have different claims policies with similar policies conditions, you can duplicate your policies by clicking the three dots menu and select Duplicate

Edit policies

You can edit the policies that you have created by clicking the policy and click the Edit Policy button

If the policy is attached to expenses, editing the policy will replace the current version and any expenses that are marked as Pending or Approved will be moved back to the Draft tab. These expenses have to be reviewed again if they do not meet the new conditions after editing.

πŸ’‘ NOTE: There is no settings to set up approval structure in Claims in our beta version! All admins are able to approve submitted expense.

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