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How to Approve / Process a New Expense in Payroll? (Admin)
How to Approve / Process a New Expense in Payroll? (Admin)

Admins approving a new expense to process claims in payroll.

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Welcome to the Claims module, the latest feature in Talenox designed to make managing expenses easier for everyone.

HR / Admins will love the ability to track and manage expense claims for both individuals and teams, ensuring that everything is in order and processed on time.

This 6-part walkthrough will guide you on the following:

You are currently at Part 5 of this 6-part guide - showing you how to approve / process a new expense in payroll as an Admin. πŸ˜„

Please note that this is a beta version of the Claims module, so you might
encounter some bugs and errors.

If you do, feel free to reach out to us at

Once your employee has submitted their expense, you can head into Admin Expenses page to assess, approve, and process in payroll.

In the Expense Admin Dashboard, you will be able to toggle the following status options:

  1. Draft

  2. Pending

  3. Rejected

  4. Approved

  5. Confirmed

  6. Processed

Pending status will be the default option when you access the Expense Admin Dashboard.

How to Approve a New Expense Claim (submitted by employee)?

Approving an expense (submitted by your employee) is required before you can proceed to process it in Payroll.

Here are the steps:

1. In the Expense Admin Dashboard, click on a pending expense.

2. You can assess and evaluate the necessary expense details & claim amount. Do ensure that the expense has no policy violations before approving.

3. You can opt to Edit the expense if there is need to.

4. Once everything is good to go, you can proceed to click on the Approve button.

5. Once approved, you will see a message that requires your confirmation to proceed for payroll processing.

After approval is completed, in the Expense Admin Dashboard, you can check that the expense has moved from Pending to Approved status.

6. Click the Confirm button to proceed to payroll.

Please note that clicking on Unapprove button will direct you to Pending status again. 

After confirmation is completed, in the Expense Admin Dashboard, you can check that the expense has moved from Approved to Confirmed status.

7. As part of a security feature, there will be a pop-up message to remind you that upon confirming, this action cannot be reversed to edit again or to unapprove.

8. Click Go to payroll to process the claims.

9. In Payroll, the correct pay item used will be Claim under Ad Hoc Payments/Deduction tab. The expense amount and description/remarks will be synced over.

10. Thereafter, you can process payroll as per usual and the claims amount will be reflected under Month Total.

When you head back to Claims > Expense Admin Dashboard, you can verify that the expense has moved from Confirmed to Processed status.

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