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Transfer Employee’s Data (Profiles/Payroll/Leave) from Another Company
Transfer Employee’s Data (Profiles/Payroll/Leave) from Another Company

Step-by-step on how to transfer employee's data to a new company

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The following are some of the questions that we often encounter:

  1. Migration of employees from one entity to another entity - how to reflect in Talenox?

  2. Just want to ask if the Talenox has a function to import leave using excel or probably google sheet like on payroll import.

  3. I need to transfer certain of employees from company A to company B, can you assist in migrating the data?

When transitioning employees from one company to another, it's crucial to ensure a seamless transfer of their data, including profiles, payroll information, and leave records. Here's a simple guide to help you through the process:

Transferring Profiles

To move employee profiles, follow the steps outlined in Steps to Transfer Employees' Data from Company A to Company B . This process involves exporting employee data from the existing company and importing it into the new company's system.

Transferring Payroll

For payroll data transfer, refer to Steps to Transfer Employees' Payroll Data from Month A to Month B. It provides detailed instructions on exporting and importing payroll information from one month to another.

Transferring Leave

Unfortunately, there's currently no direct option to export/import leave balances and history. However, you can manually record the final leave balance for each employee and adjust it in the new account. Select a date to finalize the balance and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

You can adjust leave balances individually by following the instructions provided by following How to Individually Adjust Leave Balances for Employees?

If you need to make bulk adjustments, check out How to Create Bulk Leave Balances Adjustments?

This will ensure that your employees' leave balances are accurately transferred to the new company's system.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth transition for your employees while maintaining accurate records across profiles, payroll, and leave. 😎

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