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How to Create Bulk Leave Balances Adjustments?
How to Create Bulk Leave Balances Adjustments?

Leave Type mass adjustments. Inputing adjustment quantities or final desired balances.

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Previously, we only had the option of individually keying in leave adjustments for employees in Talenox.

Now, with the launch of our Bulk Leave Adjustments feature, you can make mass leave adjustments for your employees all at one go!

How to key in a bulk adjustment

1) Head to Leave > Manage Leave Policies > Bulk adjustments to get to the bulk leave adjustments management page.

2) On this page, select the "New" option to set-up a new bulk leave adjustment for your employees in the system.

3) You'll then be prompted to key in the following:

  • Select Leave Type

    • To select the specific leave type you're trying to make adjustments for in the system for your employees

  • Select Date

    • To select the date for the point that the adjustment is being made at

    • Showing employees' leave balances at the date selected as well

Once these fields have been populated, the rest of the leave adjustment page will load.

4) Next, key in the Adjustment Reason fields to help other Admins of the account understand why this adjustment was made for the employee. Any adjustment reasons keyed in will appear on all adjustments created for employees in this bulk adjustment.

5) Click on "Select Employees" to choose the relevant employees you want to include in this bulk leave adjustment:

Employees who do not have this Leave Type as part of their leave entitlements will not appear for selection automatically.

6) You can now select the type of adjustment you'd like to make. Here are the options available (select only ONE, depending on your preference):

  • Input Adjustment Quantity / Adjusted Balance individually

    • Allows you to individually change each employees adjustment quantity or final balance independently

  • Input Adjustment Quantity for every employee

    • Allows you to key in a mass adjustment quantity for all employees selected.

    • This will be helpful if you have a specific adjustment quantity that you'd like to remove/add to all employees' leave regardless of their current leave balances.

  • Input Adjusted Balance for every employee

    • Allows you to mass key in a final adjustment balance for all employees selected

    • This is helpful if you want all of your selected employees to display the same final leave balances for this leave type e.g. 0 days

7) The adjustments chosen will reflect below next to each employee's name according to:

  • Original Balance - balance before adjustment

  • Adjustment Quantity - quantity adjusted

  • Adjusted Balance - final balance after adjustments apply

8) Finally, after verifying all the adjustments you'd like to made, please do click on 'Save' so that your adjustments will be created in the system. 😊

This will definitely help with any mass leave adjustments made in Talenox now - especially for users who are kickstarting their journey with us!

NOTE: Carried Forward Leave (from previous periods) are not taken into consideration in the Final Leave Balance calculations showing in employee's Leave Entitlement page πŸ‘

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