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How to Individually Adjust Leave Balances for Employees?
How to Individually Adjust Leave Balances for Employees?

Leave balance adjustment, add or deduct leave days

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Once you've set up the policy for each leave type e.g. Annual Leave, you can capture past applications one by one, or simply adjust the balance for each person (way faster). 

To change the balance for an individual employee, head to Leave > Leave Balances > Employee Name > click on Adjust Leave > click "Adjust Leave Balance".

These are the fields that you'll have to key in for each adjustment made for the employee:

  • Type - Leave Type you'd like to make adjustments for this employee.

  • Period - Period in which the adjustments will take effect/be made for.

  • Quantity - Amounts of leave to add/subtract. Use "+" or "-" to denote if the adjustment quantity is an addition or subtraction.

  • Reason - Key in a reason for the adjustment being made in this field.

Adjustments can be applied to any leave type that is eligible to the person!


1) For a scenario where you are setting up leave balances for your employees for the first time.

If an employee has consumed 5 days of annual leave in the current year (2021), you should key in the following under each adjustment field mentioned above:

  • Type: Annual Leave

  • Period: 01 Jan 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 (current year)

  • Quantity: Input "-5.0"

  • Reason: Adjustments for Year 2021

NOTE: If there is any 'Carried Forward' leave from the previous period of entitlement, any deduction adjustments made will subtract from CF balances first before

deducting from the current year's entitlement.

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