Billing FAQ (Global)

Common Queries on Billing Payments in your Talenox Global account.

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1. What is the difference between Monthly and Annual Billing?

With Annual plans, you save approximately 15% off your total bill by paying a lump sum upfront. This lump sum is determined by this formula: [estimated total cost per month based on no. of headcount] x [12 months]. Upon payment, this amount will be reflected in your Talenox Billing Dashboard as ‘Talenox Credits’, and will deplete based on your usage per month.

With Monthly plans, you are billed monthly based on your active headcount for the month. As a standard practice (Monthly Pricing), we charge a base fee of USD20 for the first 5 headcount. An additional USD4 per headcount for full-timers and USD2 for part-timers apply.

We determine an employee as a part-time or full-time employee based on Rate of Pay. Resigned employees are not charged as a headcount.

2. What counts as an active employee in billing?

An employee with a hired date but no resignation date will be counted as an active headcount. When your employees resign, be sure to input their Resign Date so that they will not count towards your next bill.

3. What is a price cap?

Your bill will always be capped once you hit a minimum number of headcount. For a limited time - the cap is now only USD500/month per company on Monthly Plan and USD400/month per company on Annual Plan.

This means that after the cap, even if you have a company of 700 or 10,000 headcount, the fee will still be USD500/month on Monthly Plan, or USD4,800/year (USD400/month) on Annual Plan.

4. What happens when my employee headcount increase/decrease if I’m on the annual plan?

We understand that changes in headcount may vary from month to month. If there are changes, your bill will correspond to the active headcount charged. Since the Annual Plan uses Talenox Credits, any addition or reduction of headcount will be calculated and the new amount will be deducted from your existing credits balance in the next month.

However, if you run out of credits, your Annual Plan will be automatically renewed, so that there is sufficient credits to account for any balance shortfall based on your headcount change.

Please note that your Annual Plan may cover your subscription charges less than or more than a year, depending on your headcount changes.

For your convenience, you may check the invoices and receipts at any point in time from your Billing dashboard.

5. How do I pay for a Talenox PAYROLL/LEAVE/SUITE subscription?

Talenox supports credit and debit card payments.

6. Which banks does Talenox support?

We support local banks in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

For other banks that we don’t currently support, you can contact us with the Bank File specifications (this can be obtained directly from the specific bank) and sample bank file format.

For more details, say hello to us via our messaging feature found on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

7. What if I have another company in another location?

We have country-specific payroll, tax, and holiday calculations for Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong with localised prices. For other locations, we offer a generic plan in USD.

To manage another company from your account, you may link the Billing details of the company to your current company. To create a new account for a new company, you may follow these steps.

8. I have more questions. Who do I contact?

You may reach out to us through the in-app messaging feature at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, or email us at

Please note that the information provided here is subject to change. For the most up-to-date billing information, please refer to your invoices or contact our support team.

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