How To Add A Subsidiary/Client Company

Adding a subsidiary/client company easily from your Talenox account.

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To create a new Talenox account for your client/subsidiary, head over to the top right-hand corner and click on the company dropdown list, then, select "Add / Edit Company".

You'll be brought to another page where you can head to the Operate another business? section to key in the new company's details:

Once you're at the correct page, you'll have to key in these different fields:

  • Company Name

  • Country - Country that the company operates in (e.g. SG, MY, HK)

  • Billing Entity (Optional) - You can link the Billing of your new client/subsidiary created to any of your existing companies you are managing

  • Partner (Optional) - You can link your new client/subsidiary created to your own account for the relevant Discount Tiering and tagging

Once you're done filling everything up, you can then click on the "Add Organisation" button to successfully created your new account in Talenox. 😁

You'll then be brought to the Home Page of your newly created client/subsidiary account to start setting up their Talenox account details!

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