What is a bank file?

A bank file is a file that contains the encoded salary payment details for each employee with a bank account. Here's an example of the file name when created - bank_file14092963432.txt.

Here's a list of the bank files and their formats that we are supporting in Singapore when you set up your company's Bank Details in Talenox for a direct upload to your corporate bank portal:

  1. DBS (.txt)

  2. OCBC (.txt)

  3. UOB (.txt)

  4. Maybank (.txt)**

  5. CIMB (.csv)

  6. Standard Chartered (.csv)

  7. Citibank (.csv)

  8. HSBC* (.txt)

  9. HSBCnet* (.txt)

  10. Bank of America (BOA) (.csv)

  11. Mizuho Bank (.csv)

  12. Credit Agricole (.txt)

  13. JP Morgan Chase Bank (.txt)

  14. MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ) (.txt)

*For HSBC, do obtain the Payment Code (HSBC) from HSBC customer support team.  


**For "Maybank - Singapore Limited" and "Maybank - Singapore Branch" , do complete the "Maybank Corporate ID" field under the Bank Details section, if you opt for "Universal Payment File (UFF)".

In the event that you're using the old account and when you choose "APS+ v2" option, "Maybank Corporate ID" field doesn't need to be populated.

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