What is a bank file?

A bank file is a file that contains the encoded salary payment details for each employee with a bank account. Here's an example of the file name when created - bank_file14092963432.txt.

Here's a list of the bank files and their formats that we are supporting in Singapore when you set up your company's Bank Details in Talenox for a direct upload to your corporate bank portal:

  1. DBS (.txt)

  2. OCBC (.txt)

  3. UOB (.txt)

  4. Maybank (.txt)

  5. CIMB (.csv)

  6. Standard Chartered (.csv)

  7. Citibank (.csv)

  8. HSBC* (.txt)

  9. Bank of America (BOA) (.csv)

  10. Mizuho Bank (.csv)

  11. Credit Agricole (.txt)

  12. JP Morgan Chase Bank (.txt)

  13. MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ) (.txt)

*For HSBC, do obtain the Payment Code (HSBC) from HSBC customer support team.  

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