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Steps to Download Employee Payslip for Separate Payment Groups
Steps to Download Employee Payslip for Separate Payment Groups

Generate Multiple Payslips. Payroll. SUITE plan.

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Previously, you can only generate and download ONE (1) payslip for each employee, no matter the number of pay runs that you have processed in a single month for the same employee.

Today, we have good news! 😎

Now you can choose to generate the specific payslip that you want for a particular employee, based on the pay run that you have processed for the month.

NOTE: This feature is available under the SUITE plan only.

The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

1. "Can you confirm if it's possible to generate two payslips for the same employee within the same month?"

2. "Can I divide the payslips based on the different payment groups I've set up?"

3. "Is it possible to issue one payslip for the first half of the month and another for the second half?"

Processing Separate Payslips for Separate Payment Groups

1) Processing Separate Payment Groups

The first step you'll need to take is to generate separate payment groups within the same payroll month. You can learn how to generate a payment in Talenox through these guides here:

Here is an example of the type of separate payments that can be processed in a single payroll month:

  • Payrun #1 (Salary): $1,000 - Basic Pay

  • Payrun #2 (Non-Salary): $10,000 - Bonus

2) Exporting Separate Bank Files for Each Payment Group

To download separate payslips for an employee, there is an additional step that you have to take: downloading separate bank files according to the payments you'd like to see in each separate payslip.

Head to Month Total > Export Bank Payments / CPF / Reports > Make Payment to export bank file separately for each pay run, the system will then automatically generate a custom payslip for the exported payments.

You can refer to this guide for a more in-depth look at How To Export Bank Files Separately For Different Payment Groups? (SG, MY, HK).

3) Downloading Separate Payslips in the Payroll Month

Head to Month Total > Export Bank Payments / CPF / Reports > Custom Payslip.

You should see 2 separate payslips, ready to be downloaded.

NOTE: You can choose to rename the custom payslip and publish or download the payslip, if you wish to.

From the example given above, here's how the separate payslips will look like:

  • Payrun #1 (Salary): $1,000 - Basic Pay

  • Payrun #2 (Non-Salary): $10,000 - Bonus

NOTE: Do keep in mind that statutory contributions and YTD amounts are removed entirely in these separate payslips.

What if I'd like for my employee payslips to show Statutory Contributions and Year-to-date amounts?

If you wish to see Statutory contributions and YTD amounts being displayed, you will need to generate a single (ONE) payslip for the specific employee for the full month instead.

Head to Month Total > Export Bank Payments / CPF / Reports > Payslips to access this:

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