With our current flow of viewing different payments batches (Bank & Cheque), it's now much easier to export individual bank files for separate payments groups.

This feature is usually used when employers/admins are trying to generate separate bank files to pay different groups of employees at specific times within a single payroll month.

Just follow these steps to learn how to export separate bank files for each payment group:

  1. After processing payroll for different payment groups in the same payroll month, you can head to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Month Total

  2. Click on Export Bank Payments / MPF > Make Payment and un-check the payment group(s) you do not want to include in the bank file

  3. You can then head to the Options column on this page to “Download” your bank file.

  4. To view a summary of the amounts that have been included in the Bank File, you can choose to click on the “View” option under the Options column as well 👍

Note: Do remember to label each Payment Group Name so it will be easier for you to differentiate them for quick reference. 😉

To help you understand more about Withholding Amount (or Payment Reconciliation), you can view the details here. 😄

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