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Employee Profile Details (Malaysia)
Employee Profile Details (Malaysia)

Employee info needed for Payroll, EPF, SOCSO, Leave Entitlement

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Let's go through the employment info for employees in Malaysia.

We'll point out what is mandatory or optional. Plus special attention to validation to reduce errors.

Personal Details

  • Birthdate - EPF and EIS contributions are calculated based on an age band.

    Birthdate will help to determine which age band rates the employee’s rates will follow.

Employment Details

  • Hired Date - Used in determining when new hires are eligible to start applying for leave. This field affects your leave entitlement proration and anniversary date for increments.

  • Resign Date -Once assigned, it will populate the "Job End Date" field automatically if the End Date field is blank. Prorated leave balances will be calculated.

  • Confirmation Date - Used in determining leave eligibility when "Upon confirmation" is used in your Annual Leave settings.

Identification Documents

  • Immigration Status - This field determines if the statutory amounts are applied during payroll, and the types of Leave eligible.

    Contract status can be selected for non-employees e.g. freelance or for students who do not require Statutory contribution.

Current Job Details

  • Job Details - This represents the employee's current job title and relevant salary. Changes to job details e.g. increment or different rate of pay should be saved as a New Job (refer here).

  • Start/End Date - Payroll for the calendar month will reference all Job start /end dates to determine if proration is necessary.

Statutory Details

  • Is contribution EPF - This determines whether the employee contributes to EPF, by default this setting will have the option of “Yes” selected for contribution.

  • EPF (Employee) & EPF (Employer) setting - The “Statutory Default” option will ensure that the percentage set for contribution in the system follows EPF’s rates for contribution.

  • EPF No. - To key in your employee’s EPF number. Required for employees to be included in the generation of Talenox’s EPF file for submission each payroll month.

  • Select Employee's SOCSO setting - This determines the SOCSO type the employee falls under.

  • EIS - Determines whether EIS contribution is calculated for the employee during payroll processing.

Payment Details

  • Payment Method - if Cheque is selected, all other fields will be hidden.

  • Bank - This is a required field when you select Bank Transfer. You will need to select a bank for the employee.

  • Account Number - When you select Bank Transfer, you are required to add the account number of the employee.

  • Bank Account Holder's Name - You will need to ensure that the bank account holder names are accurate to avoid your bank file upload getting rejected.

Next of Kin Details

  • Next of Kin - an employee's spouse and child's information will need to be created for any paternity/maternity/childcare leave to show up as an entitlement.

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