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Employee Profile Details (Malaysia)
Employee Profile Details (Malaysia)

Employee info needed for Payroll, EPF, SOCSO, Leave Entitlement

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Let's go through the employment info for employees in Malaysia.

We'll point out what is mandatory or optional. Plus special attention to validation to reduce errors.

Personal Details

  • Birthdate - EPF and EIS contributions are calculated based on an age band.

    Birthdate will help to determine which age band rates the employee’s rates will follow.

Employment Details

  • Hired Date - Used in determining when new hires are eligible to start applying for leave. This field affects your leave entitlement proration and anniversary date for increments.

  • Resign Date -Once assigned, it will populate the "Job End Date" field automatically if the End Date field is blank. Prorated leave balances will be calculated.

  • Confirmation Date - Used in determining leave eligibility when "Upon confirmation" is used in your Annual Leave settings.

Identification Documents

  • Immigration Status - This field determines if the statutory amounts are applied during payroll, and the types of Leave eligible.

    Contract status can be selected for non-employees e.g. freelance or for students who do not require Statutory contribution.

Current Job Details

  • Job Details - This represents the employee's current job title and relevant salary. Changes to job details e.g. increment or different rate of pay should be saved as a New Job (refer here).

  • Start/End Date - Payroll for the calendar month will reference all Job start /end dates to determine if proration is necessary.

Statutory Details

  • Is contribution EPF - This determines whether the employee contributes to EPF, by default this setting will have the option of “Yes” selected for contribution.

  • EPF (Employee) & EPF (Employer) setting - The “Statutory Default” option will ensure that the percentage set for contribution in the system follows EPF’s rates for contribution based on the 3rd Schedule. The Custom Rates however will perform direct calculations with the raw total wages.

  • EPF No. - To key in your employee’s EPF number. Required for employees to be included in the generation of Talenox’s EPF file for submission each payroll month.

  • Select Employee's SOCSO setting - This determines the SOCSO type the employee falls under.

  • EIS - Determines whether EIS contribution is calculated for the employee during payroll processing.

Payment Details

  • Payment Method - if Cheque is selected, all other fields will be hidden.

  • Bank - This is a required field when you select Bank Transfer. You will need to select a bank for the employee.

  • Account Number - When you select Bank Transfer, you are required to add the account number of the employee.

  • Bank Account Holder's Name - You will need to ensure that the bank account holder names are accurate to avoid your bank file upload getting rejected.

Next of Kin Details

  • Next of Kin - an employee's spouse and child's information will need to be created for any paternity/maternity/childcare leave to show up as an entitlement.

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