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Employee Profile Details (Singapore)
Employee Profile Details (Singapore)

Employee info needed for Payroll, CPF, IR8A, Leave Entitlement

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Let's go through the employment info for employees in Singapore. We'll point out what is mandatory or optional. Plus special attention to validation to reduce errors. 

Birthdate - CPF contribution rate per age band is automatically determined based on the birthdate. 

Hired Date - used in determining when new hires are eligible to start applying for leave. Affects leave entitlement proration and anniversary date for increments.  

Resign Date - once assigned, it will populate the "Job End Date" field automatically if the End Date field is blank. Prorated leave balances will be calculated. 

Immigration Status - the type determines if CPF is applied during payroll, and the types of Leave eligible. For Permanent Resident the effective date is required to determine the CPF contribution rate. Contract can be selected for non-employees e.g. freelance or for students who do not require CPF contribution. 

Identification Number - only NRIC or FIN are accepted e.g. S1111111D, G1111111X. For Work Permit, there is another field for the Work Pass number. 

Job Details represent the employee's current job title and relevant salary. Changes to salary e.g. increment or different rate of pay, should be saved as a New Job. Click View all jobs => edit current job => set an end date => save. Then click Add New Job to fill in the new details.

Start/End date - payroll for the calendar month will reference ALL Job start /end dates to determine if proration is necessary. 

Self-Help Group Contribution is a voluntary choice decided by the employee. The rate cannot be adjusted and strictly follows the recommended contribution rate of the respective association. 

Payment Method - if Cheque is selected, all other fields will be hidden.

Next of kin - an employee's spouse and child's information will need to be created for any paternity/maternity/childcare leave to show up as an entitlement. 

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