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How to Pull Approved Timesheets from Deputy into Talenox
How to Pull Approved Timesheets from Deputy into Talenox

This will help you to understand how to pull approved timesheets from Deputy

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You are most probably exploring Talenox's integration with Deputy and would like to learn how it works so that you can start implementation.

Once your Talenox and Deputy accounts are integrated, you can start pulling approved time sheets from Deputy to Talenox.

Pull Approved Timesheets from Deputy into Talenox

Once you are ready to push your scheduled hours over to Taleox from Deputy, these will be your next few steps to be done in Talenox:

  • Choose the period to import the time sheets into Talenox

  • Pull Approved Timesheets from Deputy into Talenox

  • Sync the employees, if needed

  • Process payroll as usual on Talenox

You can refer to the in-depth guided steps below to further understand the flow of pulling timesheets into Talenox for payroll processing:

1) Now that you have connected Talenox to Deputy, you can start to pull approved timesheets from Deputy. You should have approved timesheets in Deputy before proceeding to import to Talenox.

2) Next, head over to Payroll > Payroll Settings > Deputy Payment

3) To import approved timesheets, select the “Pay Period From” and “Pay Period To” that you want to process payroll for in Talenox. Once selected, click on “Select Pay Items | Next >”

4) Your timesheets will be pulled in directly from Deputy. Please double check on the timesheets before processing payroll further. Once you have done checking, click on “View Summary | Next >”.

5) Choose whether to pay out through “Bank Transfer” or “Cheque”.

Once done, select “Process CPF & View Net Payment”:

6) And you are done processing the payment and you will be brought to the Month Total Page.

Do check through before disbursing salaries and contributing your statutory funds.

And there you have it! These series of Deputy articles should help you with the basics of the integration between Talenox and Deputy. 😊

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