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Integrate Deputy with Talenox
Integrate Deputy with Talenox

Connect Deputy to Talenox, sync employees profiles, cost centres and start pulling in time sheets to process payroll

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If you are viewing this, you most likely already know about Talenox's integration with Deputy and would like to learn how it works so that you can start trying it out.

For an overview of the entire integration, you can view the details here:

Employee Details mapped from Talenox to Deputy

You can utilise existing employee profile data of employees in Talenox to map over to Deputy.

The fields of the employees' details that are being mapped over from Talenox to Deputy are as follows:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Cost Centre

  • Contact

  • Birth Date

  • Gender

  • Hired Date

  • Resign Date

Moreover, after connecting Talenox and Deputy, a section in Talenox employee profiles called “Deputy Employee Profile” will appear for you to be able to map over some additional fields as well:

  • Employee’s Name

  • Access Level

  • Location

  • Pay Period

  • Employment Terms

  • Stress Profile and

  • Training Module

Connect Talenox to Deputy

Before connecting Talenox to Deputy, you should have set up all your Cost Centres and fill in your Employee's Details in Talenox. Once you have done that,

1) Head over to the Username > Integrations.

2) Click on “Deputy” under Scheduling / Timetracking to start connecting.

3) Over at this page, to start connecting to Deputy, click on “Connect to Deputy”.

4) Once you click on Connect to Deputy, you will be brought to Deputy’s page to sync to your entity.

Ensure that you choose the right entity before clicking on “Authorize”. if you have several entities in your Deputy.

For example Company ABC in Talenox should connect to Company ABC in Deputy.

5) After syncing the 2 platforms, you will need to sync the Cost Centres in Talenox to Locations/Branches into Deputy.

Click on “Cost Centre” to start syncing.

6) Over at the Cost Centre syncing page, you’ll be able to match the Cost Centres in Talenox to the Locations in Deputy. Once you are done matching, click on “Save” on the top right.

Once you click save, a notification will show “Deputy Companies is linked with Cost Centres”, to indicate it has successfully been linked.

7) Lastly, you’ll need to sync over your employee details into Deputy from Talenox.

Head over to Employee Listing from Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing

You can now start to create/sync each employee profile from Talenox to Deputy by clicking Edit on their respective profile.

8) After Talenox is connected to Deputy, a new section called “Deputy Employee Profile” will now be available in Talenox employee profiles where you will be able to map the additional fields mentioned above.

This section will allow you to tag specific fields in Deputy for each employee in Talenox.

Please do ensure that all these fields have been set in Deputy before syncing.

NOTE: If you are creating a new profile in Deputy, leave Sync Deputy Employee Account “blank”. Once you are done, click on “Create / Save”.

9) You can see the list of employees that you have created from Talenox under the People page in Deputy.

Great job! 👍🏻

In the next guide, we’ll learn how to pull the approved timesheets from Deputy to Talenox.

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