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Sync Talenox Leave to Deputy Scheduler
Sync Talenox Leave to Deputy Scheduler

As long as your Talenox and Deputy accounts are integrated with employees synced, this is automated.

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You are most probably exploring Talenox's integration with Deputy and would like to learn how it works so that you can start implementation.

Once your Talenox and Deputy accounts are integrated, leave applications from Talenox will be pushed to Deputy Schedule automatically.

Push Talenox leave to Deputy Schedule

Once you have integrated Deputy with Talenox, you can check the integration by having a look below:

1) As you are integrated Deputy with Talenox, pushing Talenox Leave applications to Deputy Scheduler will be shown on Deputy Schedule automatically.

2) As an employee applies for leaves in Talenox, both approved and pending leave applications will be shown in the Deputy Schedule tab.

No extra steps are needed to activate this integration. 😄

3) Upon clicking on each leave application in Deputy Scheduler, an approved leave application will have the status “Approved” in green.

4) Any pending leave applications will have the status “Awaiting” within Deputy.

5) A rejected leave application will show a “Declined” status.

This integration will save you a tremendous amount of time between both platforms when utilising this for your time tracking and scheduling needs.

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Before we end this article, you may be wondering why you have to use Talenox Leave app instead of the generic Leave feature in Deputy.

The reason is that the Talenox Leave app is already localised with statutory requirements of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the countries we are in.

Therefore, the calculation and proration are already done for you automatically.  That is the main reason to use Talenox Leave app to ensure that you are compliant. 

Have a great time exploring both platforms!  😁

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