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Profiles App Guide (Singapore)

Guide to the Profiles module for employee onboarding for Singapore users.

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Keying in Your Company Details

In the Profiles module, you'll be first be brought to the Company Details page. This is where you should update details like:

  • Company Name & Logo

  • CPF Submission Number

  • IRAS details - Income Tax Account Number

  • Bank details - Corporate banking account used to disburse salary to employees

  • Working Day Setting - for salary proration

  • Working Hours Setting

  • Cost Centres (for integration to accounting SaaS such as Xero and Quickbooks Online)

  • Company Holidays

To edit, click on "Edit" on the top right corner and key in the relevant details. Once you have updated the details, click on "Save".

Working Day Setting

You can add or edit working days settings assigned to employees (under Company Details > Working Day Setting).

This is where you can set if a day in a week is a working full day, half a working day, or not a working day. Thereafter, you can choose the Employees that you would like to assign to this setting.

Working Hour Setting

The working hour settings are used to determine the hourly rate of pay for employees. This will be auto-calculated in the system under payroll for employees.

To set working hours per week, simply key in the "Hours per week" field. Thereafter, choose the employees that you would like to assign to this setting.

You can refer to this guide for a more in-depth view on setting up working day and hours per week: Setting Up Working Days and Hours per week.

Populating Employee Profiles

Once Company details are being filed up, head to Manage my database > Employee Listing at the top left navigation menu to start populating the information for employees.

Importing employee data into Talenox

In 'Employee Listing', you can start by importing employees into Talenox. To do so, click on "Import" on the top right.

You will have 2 options to utilise for the importing process, depending on your preference:

  • Google Sheets

  • Excel Sheet

You can refer to this guide for a more in-depth view on the importing process for employee data: How to Add Employees?

Viewing/Editing An Employee Profile

Let's head over to view the employee details of each employee. Click on an employee's name in the employee listing to access their individual employee profiles:

You'll be brought into the employee's profile to check through the details imported into the system or to key in all these details manually into the employee's profile.

It is crucial to fill in these sections as it will affect payroll/leave data in the system

  • Personal Details - Employee ID, First Name, Last Name, Birthdate

  • Employment Details - Hired Date, Resign Date

  • Identification Documents - Immigration status, Identification number

  • Statutory Details - Self-Help Group Contribution

  • Current Job Details - Start Date, End Date, Rate of Pay

  • Next of Kin Details

For a more in-depth view on each section of the employee profile, please refer to this guide here: Employee Profile Details (Singapore). πŸ‘

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