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Assigning Billing Administrators in Talenox
Assigning Billing Administrators in Talenox

Administrators with billing access can update billing details and view invoices

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What is a Billing Administrator?

Billing Admin is a role where you have access to the billing dashboard to manage billing matters for the company:

  • Billing Invoices

  • Changing Billing Address and Billing Addressee

  • Inputting credit card details for a subscription payment

  • Managing the company subscription plan in Talenox

The Billing Dashboard can be accessed by any Billing Admins.

You can refer to this guide for an overview of the different billing features available in our billing dashboard.

How to Assign Billing Administrators?

To be Billing Administrator, you need to have “Super Admin” access to your Talenox account. Only another Super Admin can assign Super Admin access to another user in the account.

Assigning Super Admin Rights

To assign Super Admin rights (and therefore Billing Admin rights), you’ll have to follow these steps below:

1. Click on Profiles module and head over to Employee Listing.

2. Select the employee profile that you would like to manage access for by clicking on “Edit”.

3. Under User Account section in the employee profile, you can select Super Admin as the access rights. You can "Create and send invite" if this teammate is not invited to Talenox yet.

Assigning Super Admin Rights (Step-by-Step)

1. Head over to Profiles > Employee Listing.

2. In the Profiles module, you will be brought to the Employee Listing page. Click on “Edit” to view an employee’s profile.

3. Head over to the User account section and key in the User Account Email to invite this employee to access Talenox.

Set this user’s access rights to “Super Admin” and set up the user’s module access rights to the available modules.

For more information on module access rights, you can head over to this guide:

4. Once you are done selecting access rights to assign to this employees, click on “Create and Invite” or “Create without sending Invite” if you do not want an email notification to be sent to the user.

Notes on Managing Users

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