If you are trying to add Administrators (Admin) with a current user account, you can follow the following steps from slides 4 - 6:

  1. Click on Profiles app and head over to Employee Listing.

  2. Select the employee profile that you would like to manage access.

  3. Under User Account section in the employee profile, you can select Super Admin or Admin as the access rights.  You can "Create and send invite" if this team mate is not invited to Talenox.

To understand more about the various access rights, such as the two different Admin types, you can refer to What access rights can be given to users?


Note: If you would like to add Admins who are not working in the organisation or do not have an employee profile in Talenox, you can refer to the How To Create An Admin/Non-Employee Profile article for a step-by-step guide. 😁

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