In the event that a previously resigned employee rejoins the company, do follow these 2 steps to re-enter your employee's details:

Step 1: In his/her profile, under Employment Details, remove the Resign Date. 

Step 2: Under Current Job Details > View all jobs, create a new job card with the new start date, job title and salary amount. 

Thereafter, your employee will have an active account. You can send a reset password link to your employee if needed or you can head directly to 😀

NOTE: The above steps will only apply if the employee was to follow his/her initial Hired Date (from previous employment) and to continue the previous leave entitlement set up.

Do I Need to Create A New Employee Profile if the Hired Date Has Changed?

Yes. For a resigned employee who will rejoin the company, if he/she has an updated employment contract with new Hired Date and Leave Entitlement, we'd encourage you to create a new employee profile instead.

Reason being, new Leave Entitlement settings in Talenox will depend on the employee's Hired Date.

If you are worried about duplicate tax forms like IR8A, fret not! We will automatically combine both employee's tax forms, as long as the employee's NRIC is the same.

To guide on adding a new employee profile, you can head over to this guide. 😎

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