An Admin/Non-Employee profile can be created for several reasons:

  1. For an employee from a parent entity to approve the employees' leave (as Admin) in a subsidiary entity

  2. For an outsourced payroll or accounting company to manage the entity's payroll

This unique profile can also be created because this employee is not under the specific entity's payroll. 

However, do note that a hidden Admin cannot be assigned as a leave approver under Leave Approval Structure. He/she will still be able to approve/reject leaves, similarly to an active Admin.


Here are the steps you can follow to create this unique profile in Talenox:

Step 1: Head to Profiles > Employee Listing > Add Employee. Proceed to enter the employee profile details

Step 2: Under User Account, set the access rights to Admin and check Profiles, Payroll and Leave apps access. Then, hit the Save button. 

Step 3: Send an invite to this user so she/he can activate the new account. Hit the Save button. 

Step 4: Once the user has activated the account, you can delete the Employee Profile that you have just created. 

Step 5: You will find that the deleted Employee Profile is no longer displaying in your Employee Listing but she/he will still be able to access the newly-activated Talenox account.  


How to remove hidden Admin's access?

To completely remove your Admin's access, just head to +Add / Edit Company > Organisation > View Users > Admin Name > Edit Access and click on the Remove Access button. 😀

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