In Talenox, Hidden Admin/Non-Employee are users that have access to the system but do not contribute to active headcount because they are not tied to active employee profiles in the employee listing.

Since these Hidden Admins’ user access can’t be removed through their employee profiles, how does a Super Admin remove their access to a Talenox account?

How to Remove Hidden Admin/Non-Employees User Access to Talenox

If you are wondering how to delete hidden admins once they resigned, you can follow these steps:

1) Head to your Company Name on the top left-hand corner of your screen

2) Click on “+ Add / Edit Company” option

3) Click on “View Users” of the company that you’d like to remove the Hidden Admin’s access to.

If you have several companies, click on the “View Users” option according to the company you want to select.

4) Identify the Hidden Admin that you want to remove and click “Edit Access”.

5) Once identified, click on “Remove Access” to remove the user’s access to this Talenox account.

To create an Admin/Non-Employee profile, you can follow this guide here:

There you go! A simple method to delete your Hidden Admins! 😎

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