Approval for Leave applications can be routed to up to two levels of approvers. Once an application is submitted by a user, an email notification is sent to the approver with an overview of the details. You can also determine the approver order settings. Approvers can login to approve or reject the application which in turn notifies the applicant.

When setting up approvers, you should decide the groups of employees each approver is responsible for. At Leave => Settings => Leave Approval Structure, you can edit the default group created, and add more groups by clicking on New Approval Structure:

Within the group, you should select the employees to make up the group. Then assign the 1st level approver and 2nd level approver (optional). There is a second option called Employees will assign - this lets you select multiple approvers that applicants can choose from when submitting a Leave application. 

The same approver can be assigned to multiple groups but one employee can only belong to one group. An assigned approver has access to the Employee listing of each employee in their group, which includes individual leave entitlements and activities. 

For assigned approvers to be able to receive email notifications regarding pending leave applications, it is mandatory for the approver to have an active Employee Profile. Users with Super Admin access can send invite to the approver to activate account.

Sync with Calendar Apps

Admins can sync all approved leave applications in the company to their Google calendar accounts (or a shared calendar account) for even more convenient tracking. Here's how you can do it. 😁 

Microsoft sync is on the way!

Activities Calendar

Employees within the same Approval Structure group will be able to view the activities of one another at the Activities Calendar. Upon request, we can enable everybody in the company to view one another's leave activities regardless of grouping.

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