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How to Re-publish Payslips for All Employees?
How to Re-publish Payslips for All Employees?

Once payslips are published, and you want to make amendments, you can re-publish them again.

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  1. My employee is not getting their payslips through the email, how do I re-publish the payslips?

  2. What are the steps to re-publish payslips for employees?

  3. Is there a way to track which payslips have been re-published and viewed by employees?

The action to re-publish is a simple steps of un-publishing the payslips and publishing them again.

This will re-send the payslips back to the email address of your selected employees (if selected).

If you want to publish payslips without notifications instead, refer to this guide How To Publish Payslips Without Notifications

How to Un-publish Payslips

1) Head over to Payroll > Month Total. On your top right click the “Un-publish Payslips” button.

2) You can mark the checkbox to All for all employees or select specific employees to Un-publish.

Once done, click “Un-publish”.

3) A notification will pop up to let you know payslips are now un-published.

How to Re-Publish Payslips

1) Click Publish Payslips under your Payroll > Month Total

2) Click Send payslips now for all employees. You can also choose employees to publish too.

You can check this in-depth guide from our article How to Publish/Un-publish Payslips in Separate Batches to Employees

3) A notification will again popup to let you know that Payslips are published.

NOTE: Sometimes, emails do tend to go to the junkmail, do let your users know to check their junkmail if they don’t see any emails coming into their inbox.

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