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How to Publish/Un-publish Payslips in Separate Batches to Employees
How to Publish/Un-publish Payslips in Separate Batches to Employees

Publishing payslips in batches for employees in a single month. Setting separate payslip pay dates.

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In addition to publishing payslips for all employees in bulk, we've introduced more customisation in employee payslip publishing within Talenox in a single month.

Our updated publishing flow now allows you to do the following as well:

  • Select groups or even singular employees to publish payslips for

  • Customise specific pay dates for each employee / group of employees

Selecting Employees and Assigning Pay Dates in Batches

To customise payslip publishing for specific groups of employees, you can view the steps below:

1) Firstly, head to Payroll > Payroll settings > Month Total > Publish payslips and select the Pay Date you'd like to reflect in this batch of employee's payslips:

2) Next, click on the "Choose employees" option to select the employees to publish payslips to, on the Pay Date selected in the previous step:

3) You should be brought to this page below to select specific employees for payslips publishing:

You'll be able to use the search bar to further filter employee list for selection.

4) Thereafter, click on the "Send on pay date" option to publish payslips ONLY to the employees you have selected in step 3:

5) If there are employee's that you have not yet published payslips for/missed out, the "Publish payslips" option will still be available for selection:

The system will show you only the names of the remaining employees that have not had their payslips published yet:

NOTE: To publish payslips for your remaining employees or in other specified batches with customised pay dates, please follow Step 1 to Step 4 once again to do so. πŸ‘

Un-Publishing Payslips for Specific Employees/Batches

Once you have published all your payslips to employees, the "Publish payslips" option on your Month Total page will be blanked out. Only the "Un-publish payslips" option can be clicked on.

To un-publish payslips for any employee, simply select their names and click on "Unpublish":

Viewing Employee Payslip Publishing Schedule

The "Un-publish payslips" option page will also allow you to view the following details:

  • Pay Date - Set in employee payslips and for publishing schedule.

  • Status - "Sent" or "Queued" depending on the scheduled date for publishing.

For more generic information on payslips download and publishing for your employees, you can refer to this guide for the Steps To View, Publish and Download Payslips. πŸ€—

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