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Steps To View, Publish and Download Payslips (Hong Kong)
Steps To View, Publish and Download Payslips (Hong Kong)

Having trouble generating, publishing, exporting payslips or setting a pay date?

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Here are the steps you'll need to generate, publish and export payslips from your Talenox account.

Publishing Payslips For All Employees

Once you're done processing all payments for the month, follow these steps to publish payslips for your employees:

  • Head to the Month Total page in Payroll

  • Click the "Publish payslips" button

  • Set a future payslip Pay Date on the pop-up that appears

  • Select the option to "Send email notification of published payslip to employees on Pay Date (DD/MM/YYYY)"

  • Finally, select "Send on pay date". Employees will only be able to view their payslips on the selected date

An email notification will be sent to every user on the selected Pay Date, letting them know they can login to view their payslip details.

Here are some things to note with publishing payslips to employees:

  • If payslips are not published in a payroll month, employees can't view their own payslips for that month. Also, you can "un-publish" (we like creating new verbs) and publish again to resend these email notifications.

  • Your employees will need to have an active Talenox account to view their own payslips. Do refer to this guide to help you to send invite your employees into the system.

  • Publishing payslips can now be done in separate employee batches in a single payroll month. You can refer to this guide to learn how to do so.

You can also refer to this guide to learn how to publish payslips without notifications being sent to employees.

Attaching PDF Format Payslips in Notification Emails to Employees

You can also choose to attach your employees payslips in emails to them when publishing payslips. Simply publish payslips as per normal with the "Attach payslip PDF to email." option selected:

This will send email notifications to employees with an encrypted payslip attached. The encryption password is the employee's Date of Birth in the format of "DDMMYYYY" highlighted in the email sent to them:

Can I still send payslips (pdf) to employees who have not been invited into the system?

Yes, you can!

For an employee without a Talenox account to receive their payslips, you would need to have the following keyed in before/during the payslip publishing process:

1) Under "Personal Details" > "Email", key in the employee's email address in which they'd like to receive their payslips:

Make sure to click on 'Save' once this has been populated.

2) During payslip publishing, ensure that the "Attach payslip PDF to email" option is selected:

These 2 steps will ensure that even employees without a Talenox account can still receive payslips from the system.

Exporting Payslips

Company-wide Payslips

To download and export a page by page PDF file of company-wide payslips, head to Payroll > Month Total > Export Bank Payments / MPF > Payslips:

Individual Payslips

To download and view individual employee payslips, head to Payroll > Payroll settings > Payslips and "View" each employee payslip:

Exporting Payslips For A Specific Period

Simply head to Payroll > Payroll Report > Employees Payslip and choose either "All Employees" or a specific employee's name from the drop-down list. Then, choose the specific period that you want to export the payslips for:

Do note that this feature is only available under the SUITE plan.

What if you want to customise your employee's payslip pay date individually instead? Head over here to find out... ๐Ÿค—

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