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How To Award Advance Leave To Employees?
How To Award Advance Leave To Employees?

Awarding advance leave to employees who have not yet earned enough entitlement to take. Taking future earned leave.

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

  1. "Can I allow my employees to take future earned leave now?"

  2. "How can I give my employees leave to take in advance?"

  3. "My employee has insufficient leave entitlement right now. What workaround steps can I take to give my employees advance earned leave to take currently?"

Awarding Advanced Leave to Employees Who Have Not Earned Full Annual Entitlement Yet

In order to allocate advance leave that has not yet been accrued by employees in the system, you'll have to do the following actions in their leave balance page:

1) Head to your employee’s leave balances page

You can head to the employee’s leave balance page via Leave > Leave Balances and clicking on the employee’s name presented.

2) Adjust the employee’s leave balances to award him/her with the number of days of leave they wish to take in advance for the current period

You can refer to this guide to learn how to individually adjust leave for your employees:

NOTE: Please remember to key in a remark for record keeping purposes on the adjustments made e.g. Advance Leave for xxx.

3) Next, have the employee apply for the leave period that’d like to take in advance in the system

The employee can go through the normal leave application submission flow to do so:

4) Have their leave approver approve the leave application taken in advance - prior to full entitlement being earned by the employee in Talenox

5) Lastly, key in another adjustment to remove the number of days of Advance leave given to the employee.

The employee’s leave balances will now be showing a negative amount after this final adjustment has been made because the employee would have taken more than they have earned within the current period of entitlement. This is normal and to be expected.

As the employee progresses through the year, they will earn back the advance leave taken as leave is accrued across time.

NOTE: Do remember to only include this extra leave adjustment (Step 5) into the employee’s balances AFTER the initial leave application has been approved in Talenox by a leave approver.

Admins are also able to apply and approve leave on behalf of employees and leave approvers. So if you need to award advance leave quickly to an employee, an Admin/Super Admin in Talenox can help an employee do so first.

This guide will bring you through how to understand if your employee currently has insufficient leave entitlement to apply for leave:

Hope this helps!

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