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Applying for leave with document attached?
Applying for leave with document attached?

Submit leave, document upload, document attachment

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Submitting a leave application is quick and easy, even on your mobile browser! Once you navigate to Leave, most pages will display the "Apply for Leave" button. 

Once you click on the "Apply for Leave" button, you'll have to go through a few simple selections to create a leave application in Talenox.

Steps to Create a Leave Application

1) Select Employee 

When applying for your own leave application, the system should have already selected your name automatically in each new application created.

Note: An Admin or leave approver can submit leave on behalf of others in the company. As an Admin/leave approver, you'll need to click on the dropdown list and select/search for the name you are looking for.

If you're unable to locate a particular employee's name in the drop-down list, please refer to this comprehensive guide for additional guidance and support.

2) Select Leave Duration

You will be able to select the Start Date and End Date of your leave application duration. This will help you with applying for the following durations of leave:

  • Single Day (All Day, First Half of the Day, Second Half of the Day)

  • Multiple Days (Utilise the Start/End Dates to select the dates you'd like to apply for leave on)

A single day of leave may be applied by first or second half. Same for multiple days e.g. starting second half and ending first half. The date picker and calendar makes it easy to select dates across months.

3) Select Leave Type

The drop down list will display leave types eligible to the selected employee during the leave duration selected.

If a leave type you are searching for is not displayed, it may have expired or the eligibility window has not opened yet.

Selecting the leave type will allow the system to indicate the following details on the right-hand side of the application page:

  • Leave Type

  • Entitlement Period

  • Current entitlement balance for the period

  • Number of leave days applied for

4) Working Day Display Settings

You don't have to edit this portion as it checks back with the applicant's work days per week settings by default (employee profile). It shows the non-working days and how the total days applied is derived.

Employees who do not follow a fixed work days per week schedule may edit this to match their non-working days for the week. Guide found here.

5) Leave Approvers Selection

The applicant's leave approvers will also be shown in the application. The leave approvers are set up according to leave approver structures in Talenox.

If adjustments are required, please do check in with the account Admins for further changes/updates.

6) Remarks & Attachments

You can input remarks and add an attachment e.g. medical certificate where required.

Remarks are a compulsory fields for the submission of a leave application in Taleenox

7) Leave Application Submission

Once you click "Submit Application", this creates the leave application in Talenox.

Concurrently, the system will also send an email notification to the relevant leave approvers of the application.

Once the leave application is approved or rejected, an email alert will be sent to the leave applicant (or employee).

Email leave approval reminders will automatically be sent on a weekly basis to approvers for any pending leave application.

If an application has been approved, you need to inform your leave approver to delete the record - there is currently no option for an employee to amend an approved application directly.

Please note the following crucial steps regarding leave application approvals:

  • Once a leave application receives approval from the designated approver, only this individual has the authority to reject it afterward. This task cannot be delegated to Admins or Super Admins.

  • Should the designated approver depart from the company, or if their role is assumed by a new approver due to organizational changes, the new approver will not possess the ability to reject a leave application previously approved by their predecessor. In such scenarios, it falls upon Super Admins or Admins to intervene by either deleting or canceling the leave application entirely.

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