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What To Do When An Employee Is Leaving the Company in Talenox?
What To Do When An Employee Is Leaving the Company in Talenox?

Steps to take once the employee has resigned from your company.

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

  1. "I noticed that there's an option to automatically handle employee access after resignation within Talenox. Can you guide me through the process of setting this up, and clarify what happens to different user roles like Admin and Super Admin after the Resign Date? I want to ensure that access rights are handled properly when an employee leaves."

  2. "I am about to process leave encashment for a resigned employee and would like to know more about the steps involved within Talenox. Can you provide detailed guidance on how to auto-prorate the annual leave balance and sync it with payroll for leave encashment?"

  3. "I'm inputting an employee's Resignation Date and I noticed there's also an End Date field. Can you explain the difference between the Resignation Date and the End Date within Talenox, and how they affect the prorated leave balance and final salary? I want to ensure that I'm recording everything accurately to prevent any discrepancies."

Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.

When an employee leaves your company, it's not just about saying goodbye. There's a structured process to follow to ensure a smooth transition. This article covers essential steps you need to follow, focusing on inputting the Resign Date and managing employee's access to the Talenox system.

Below are some of the steps that you can follow or a checklist that you might want to use (this ultimately depends on your company's policy) for your company's processes:

1. Marking the Resign Date and Understanding Job End Date

When an employee decides to resign, it's imperative to accurately record the Resign Date. This marks the official last day of employment, crucial for finalizing prorated leave balance. You can find the Resign Date field in the Employee Listing, under each individual's profile.

Understanding the differences between the Resignation Date and the Job End Date is also essential:

  • Resign Date: Official last day of employment, crucial for finalizing prorated leave balance.

  • End Date: Signifies the actual last day of employment, necessary for determining the final prorated salary. Typically, the End Date is determined based on the Resign Date.


2. Managing Employee Access in Talenox

In Talenox, you have the option to automate the removal of user access to the system or handle it manually. Here's how the feature works for different user roles:

  • Super Admin and Admin: Downgrade to 'User' access rights on Resign Date, and access is removed completely three months after Resign Date.

  • User: Access remains the same until it is removed three months after Resign Date.

  • User (Leave Approver): Remains the same but may require manual removal if the approver's role changes.

  • Hidden Admin/Non-Employee Access: Manual removal is required.

Note that if a Leave Approver leaves the company, proper re-assignment must be handled.


3. Enabling the Automatic Handling of Employee Access

Head to Account & Preferences > Organisation > Resignee Access, where you can enable this option.

Choosing "Allow access only for 3 months" means that Employee will have access rights in the 'User' role for 3 months only after the resign date.

For manual removal, only Super Admins will have the rights, and a specific process must be followed.


4. Leave Encashment in Talenox

To enable and process leave encashment in Talenox, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the Resign Date.

  • Step 2: Annual leave balance will be auto-prorated.

  • Step 3: Choose "Leave Pay" item in payroll for leave encashment.

  • Step 4: Process leave encashment in payroll.

  • Step 5: Track the adjustment under Leave Balances.

Handling an employee's exit from your company requires a systematic approach. From marking the resign date to managing access and handling leave encashments, Talenox provides a streamlined process to cover all these aspects.

By adhering to these procedures, you can ensure a seamless transition of handover, compliance with legal requirements, and maintain a positive relationship with the departing employee.

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