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Steps to Enter Resign Date
Steps to Enter Resign Date

Key in Resign Date. Resigned Employees.

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The following are some frequently asked questions that we often encounter:

  1. "I'm having trouble finding the resignation date."

  2. "Can you explain the distinction between the Resignation Date and the End Date?"

  3. "What should be my next steps after an employee has resigned?"


Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.

When an employee decides to resign, the initial step is to input the Resignation Date.

You can find the Resign Date field in the Employee Listing, under each individual's profile.


Please also be aware of the differences between the Resignation Date and the Job End Date:

a. Resign Date: This marks the official last day of employment, which is crucial for finalizing prorated leave balance
b. End Date: This also signifies the actual last day of employment and is necessary for determining the final prorated salary

In essence, the End Date is generally determined based on the Resignation Date.

For a more in-depth understanding, please refer to this guide we've prepared for you.


If a scenario arises where an employee wishes to return to your company, we've compiled a guide that outlines the steps to remove the Resignation Date.

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