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How to Generate Form C.P.8D for Submission Alongside Form E in Talenox?
How to Generate Form C.P.8D for Submission Alongside Form E in Talenox?

Generating C.P.8D for submission with Form E

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The following are some of the questions that we often encounter:

  1. I generated Form E but C.P.8D is not generated, where can I generate C.P.8D?

  2. Where is the C.P.8D PDF format that was generated like in previous years?

  3. Why am I unable to find the C.P.8D PDF format after the generation of Form E?

Below, you'll find responses to frequently asked questions that we often encounter.

The CP8D file is not generated into PDF because it has to be prepared in Excel or TXT format as stated in the form on Page 3:

How do I Download the Excel or TXT format?

For your reference, the PDF file is still there for download under Payroll > Form E

  • Form E - PDF file

  • CP8D - Excel or TXT file

1) Head over to Payroll > Form E under Step 3:

2) Under Step 3, you can click on the options to select CP8D TXT or Excel format:

Take note that these formats are provided by LHDN from their official website.

We don't create our own formats and any changes are subject to LHDN's discretion and it's not up to us.

To learn about the steps to submit CP8D and Form E to Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (IBRM) or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) through MyTax Portal, you can head over to this guide.

Happy tax season! 😎

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