How to Edit Payslips?

Editing payments after publishing payslips.

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Data on payslips is generated based on processed payments from the payroll system. Consequently, direct edits to the amounts on payslips are not feasible.

To adjust these amounts, you must first unlock and amend the corresponding payments before reprocessing the payroll. Updated payments will automatically reflect on payslips subsequently.

Below are the steps to perform this task:

  1. Unlock the Payment: Visit this link to understand the steps to lock and unlock payments - Unlock Payment Guide

  2. Edit the Payment: Follow the instructions in this link to edit an existing payment - Edit Payment Guide

  3. Reprocess Payroll: Use this guide to reprocess your payroll, ensuring the payslips are updated with the edited payments - Reprocess Payroll Guide

Once the payroll is reprocessed, the payslips will automatically update. Note that there is no need to unpublish and republish following these changes.

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