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Steps to Lock and Unlock Payments
Steps to Lock and Unlock Payments

Locking payment after processing payroll. Unlocking payment for editing. Typing Edit to amend.

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Good news! 😁

After processing payroll by a specific Admin, payments are now auto-locked from any accidental amendments by other Admin.

The processed payment will also display the last updated logs so you are able to verify the specific Admin or Super Admin who last processed the particular payroll.


How to Unlock A Payment Batch?

When you want to edit a specific payment batch (under Payroll Settings > All Payments), click on the View button.

Under the Payment Status row > Processed, click on the Edit button and perform the following steps:

After clicking "Yes" button, the payment will be auto-converted into Draft status. Please be very certain before editing the payment.


How to Re-lock A Payment Batch?

After making edits to a payment batch, you'll have to process the payment till you reach the Month Total page once again to re-lock the payment batch.

Auto-locking is now the default feature after processing payroll for your employees in Talenox πŸ‘

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