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How to Mass Import Custom Fields into Employee Profiles?
How to Mass Import Custom Fields into Employee Profiles?

Importing sheet for custom fields. Keying in custom fields for import correctly.

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We've already shown you how to individually set up your Custom Fields in each employee's profile as well as it's various uses.

Now, this guide will be focusing on how to utilise our employee data importing sheet to mass import your Custom Fields into the system too πŸ‘

You can refer to the steps below, to understand how to key in your Custom Fields into the importing sheet for upload to Talenox.

1) Head to Profiles > Manage my database > Employee Listing > Import > Import Employees to access the employee data importing sheet.

Do remember to check the "Overwrite custom fields" checkbox so that updates to Custom Fields in the importing sheet will be updated in the system.

To learn how to access the employee importing sheet, you can also view this guide here.

2) Within the importing sheet, scroll to the final column of the sheet titled "Custom Fields".

3) Next, you'll need to key in the Headers of the Custom Fields to be added in for employees; followed by the Row(s) values for each specific Header.

[IMPORTANT] Take note that you'll have to separate each value within a row with "::". This is for the system to understand that there is a separation involved between the Row values for display.

Have are some examples of the importing sheet and how it will look like imported into our Custom Fields section in an employee's profile:

Importing Sheet

Employee Profile Custom Fields' (Employee 1)

3) Finally, after keying all of your Custom Fields to import, you can proceed to upload your importing sheet to the system to update your employee's details in Talenox.

Some Things to Note:

1) Remember to use "::" to separate the values within a Row, if applicable.

2) To create multiple Rows for each Header, you'll have to start a new paragraph within the cell to do so.

3) Both Header(s) and Row(s) will not be imported into the system if there are cells that have been purposely left blank for an employee in the importing sheet. This is mainly for the scenario where a Custom Field does not apply to the employee.

Employee Profile Custom Fields' (Employee 2)

As you can see, the "Leave Grade" Header and Row is missing as the cell for Employee 2 has been left blank.

Now, you can mass import your Custom Fields into Talenox with ease. πŸ˜„

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