When using Talenox, you probably know that you will have to pay for a subscription for your company to be on the SUITE plan.

As a Payroll Expert or Head Company using Talenox, you may want to help your client/ subsidiary pay for their Talenox subscription.

Two ways of tagging your client/subsidiary’s billing to yours

1) When creating a new company for your client/subsidiary in Talenox

When you’re creating a new Talenox account for your client/subsidiary, head over to Add / Edit Company > Operate another business?

Under the Billing Entity field, select your company’s name from the dropdown list. After which, simply fill in the rest of the details needed and click on “Add Organisation”:

If the client/subsidiary is on the SUITE plan, the Payroll Expert or Head Company will then receive the client/subsidiary’s billing invoice.

NOTE: If the Billing Entity field was not filled in, the client/subsidiary will have to pay for the Talenox SUITE subscription themselves.

2) If your client/subsidiary already has an existing account with Talenox

If the client/subsidiary already has a Talenox account and you would like to pay for it, simply reach out to us via our in-app support channel or email support@talenox.com.

In the event that the client/subsidiary would like to pay for their own Talenox account subscription, do reach out to us via our in-app support channel or email support@talenox.com and kindly let us know the name of the entity to be unlinked from your subscription. 👍🏻

Once we have confirmed that the account has been unlinked, you may proceed to hand over the rights of access to the account to the client or subsidiary through the following steps:

  • Head over to Add / Edit Company > Find the Unlinked Company > View Users > Select Employee to be Super Admin > Edit Access

  • Ensure that the Profiles, Payroll and Leave boxes are checked, and then change the employee’s Role to Super Admin.

  • Click 'Save' and the employee will now be the Super Admin of the company.

  • You will then have to get the new Super Admin to remove your access to the client/subsidiary’s company.

Alternatively, you can also refer to the steps in this guide to show you how to edit user access in Talenox. 😄

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