In Talenox, you are able to have the flexibility to provide different users access to different apps. In a typical Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) setup, one will usually have 1 Super Admin, a few Admins and all the other staff having User (Employee) access.

For different types of access rights, you can also set specific apps/features that each user can access to. To do that, follow the steps from slides 4 - 6 of the guide below:

  1. Click on Profiles app and head over to Employee Listing.
  2. Select the employee profile that you would like to manage access.
  3. Under User Account section in the employee profile, you can edit access to select the apps/features that each user can access to.

(feel free to maximise it to have a clearer view)

With such flexibility, you can easily delegate your work to individual parties.

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