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How to submit CPF contributions online (CFP File Upload)
How to submit CPF contributions online (CFP File Upload)

Submit CPF PAL via CPF portal using Talenox file

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We've launched our Central Provident Fund (CPF) APEX direct submission with the Central Provident Fund Board (CPFB) such that you will be able to send and pay for your statutory contributions directly from Talenox now. 👍

With this APEX direct submission, you can now submit CPF contributions to CPFB without the use of a PAL file.

Generating CPF File from Talenox for Upload

Aside from using APEX direct submission, you can choose to submit your CPF monthly contribution via the CPF Employer portal, using a PAL file. We’ll show you how to do so below.

What is a PAL file?

A CPF PAL file is a .txt file starting with the CPF Submission Number (CSN), followed by the contribution month and a randomised code. E.g. 201417072CPTE01AUG201459.txt.

How to Generate and Download the CPF File (PAL) from Talenox?

You can refer to the steps in this guide to learn how to download the CPF File (PAL) after processing payroll in the system.

How to Upload a Generated PAL File to CPFB’s Portal?

1) After exporting the file from Talenox, log in to the CPF Employer portal (

2) Click on the “CPF EZPay (FTP)” option under the Submit Contribution section.

3) Then, click on the “Browse” button to select the CPF PAL file that you have exported and saved from Talenox. Select the CPF PAL file saved in your local drive from Talenox. Click on the “Continue” button.

4) Choose to pay by Direct Debit, PayNow QR or eNETS to complete the transaction.

5) Once you have gone through the needed steps for payment, you’ll be presented with a “CPF EZPay Acknowledgement” message. This means you have completed the process of uploading your PAL File for CPF Submission. A copy of this acknowledgement will be sent to you via email.

Please note the deadline for CPF submission for each calendar month is by the 14th of the following month. E.g. please submit CPF contributions for employment income earned in January by the 14th of February!

If you have just set up your company and wondering how to obtain CPF Submission Number to submit CPF contributions online, here's how you can do it. 😁

How to Read a CPF File (PAL File) for Verification of Amounts Contributed?

The CPF File is in the following order for individual employee contributions after the spacing:

  • 8 digits - date

  • 2 digits - payment code (type of payment)

  • 9 digits - NRIC

  • 12 digit - payment amounts, where the last 2 digits are after decimal point (for example: 123456789123 = 1234567891.23)

  • 10 digits - Ordinary Wages amounts, last 2 digits are after decimal point

  • 10 digits - Additional Wages amounts, last 2 digits are after decimal point

Payment Code Index:

  • '01' - CPF Contributions (Sum total of Employee and Employer CPF Contributions)

  • '02' - MBMF SHG Contributions

  • '03' - SINDA SHG Contributions

  • '04' - CDAC SHG Contributions

  • '05' - ECF SHG Contributions

  • '10' - Community Chest Contributions

  • '11 - SDL Contributions

Hope this helps!

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